Baby swaddle on Rigid heddle loom

One of the common questions, when someone sees the Rigid heddle loom, is “it is narrow, but I want to weave some blankets & shawls occasionally, do you have a wider loom?” Yes, we have wider looms but then we can use a narrow loom itself to weave double width fabrics. So why invest in a wider loom which is not that compact. The Rigid heddle looms at 20” or 24” width is easy to work with, compact and they can be manipulated to weave your 40” blankets & shawls too.
With 2 heddles on the Rigid heddle loom and pick-up sticks strategically inserted, it is easy to weave a double width fabric. You can also make a ‘no-stitch’ tunic on the loom by weaving cylindrical fabrics using the same set-up. 
Here are some pictures of the baby swaddle blanket woven on a 24” Ashford Rigid heddle loom woven recently at the studio. It measures 38” x 38” off the loom. Woven with machine washable Ashford Mackenzie merino wool yarn. 


Soft & cosy. Ready to cuddle?
We have workshops for Double weaving for Rigid heddle loom owners. Please contact us to schedule one for you.

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