AVL Looms- 40th Anniversary tea towels with Shuttles & Needles yarns!

When Bob Kruger of AVL Looms informed of his plans to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of AVL Looms and come out with some nice Tea towels designed by Jannie Taylor, we were more than happy to collaborate on the project! Jannie chose Shuttles & Needles Ne 5/2 mercerised cotton yarns for the project and it was interesting to note her colour choice! I was wondering how this combination could show up in the fabric! Later I realized she designed a lovely Echo & Iris pattern using 24 shafts!

She made a 110 yard warp for this project!!! And informs that our yarns behaved well :-)

110 yard warp


Gorgeous tea towels, aren’t they?


echo & iris tea towelAVL tea towel 


A shout out to Jannie, Bob & Ashley at AVL Looms - Happy to have collaborated in this project!

Shuttles & Needles represents AVL Looms in India and sells AVL computerised dobby looms & computerised jacquard looms

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