Animation with Inkle loom

To think that this little Inkle loom gives you so much latitude to weave a range of stuff is truly mind-boggling. 
We have woven some straps with motifs with Inkle loom using the in-lay technique in the past, where we treated the width of the belt to fit the width of the motif. We could weave some lovely little motifs like pups, fish, yin-yan and so on.












This time around, we changed our approach. We started plotting the motifs using the width of the belt to fit the height of the motif and oh man, it just changed the game! Each Inkle belt can tell a story now! Tempted to weave the whole of ‘Lion King’ in an Inkle belt and then one with ‘Finding Nemo’ !!  We used white mercerised cotton 10/2 yarn for the warp and weft and violet mercerised cotton 5/2 yarn for the in-lay motif weaving.

Game, anybody?






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