A workshop- one of its kind!- by Shaiba Rajesh

They say one should be curious…. learn new things, so with this thought in mind- I decided to join the 5-day workshop on tapestry weaving at Shuttles & Needles, Adyar.  
After almost a 45 mins drive in the hot piercing Chennai sun, I reached the place on time. As I opened the door, the cool AC air hits my face (a welcome relief…) and my eyes started feasting on all the visuals in front of me (weaving looms, yarns, fibres, handmade coasters, scarfs, bags, newspaper cuttings, cushions, and lots and lots of colourful cotton threads.
Excited and I felt I have come to the right place.
The team was quick to show me around- the different looms, Felting, SAORI and Inkle weaving
So, my first day started off with understanding the Tapestry weaving frame loom, and knowing what weft and warp threads are. As I was learning to weave, I could see the warp thread mostly disappearing and the weft threads only visible. I picked up my favourite colour threads, colourful wool roving yarns, from a huge box. I was taught to make several rows with the same colours and then add a second colour thread.
How did I feel on the first day? – HAPPY, a day well spent and looking forward to being back again the next day.


The second and the third day went by learning various techniques in tapestry, weaving vertical and horizontal lines, creating squares, and patterns, creating small waves, interlocking the weft threads, and rya knots …so much and they tell me that there is so much more 😉
The 4th & 5th days were called project days where I had to create a simple product from what I had learned. (planned the product design and the colour palate the previous day)…I decided to make a wall hanging and if time permits create a coaster as well. I created both😊. 
Very calming and therapeutic workshop and along with a supportive team….you can't ask for more!


Shaiba Rajesh is an artist and has learnt painting under the guidance of Mr. A V Ilango. All her works are inspired by nature which is colourful, joyful and aims to inspire a positive and happy perspective on life. Her website www.shaibarajesh.com , Instagram account @rajeshshaiba

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