A fun learning experience in weaving- Sahana, age 10

When I heard about the opportunity to learn weaving at Quest, I was thrilled because I love making crafts. At home, I have a small loom that I use to make coasters and hair bands, but I wanted to learn how to make larger projects like scarves and bags. That's why I decided to check out Shuttles and Needles, and I'm so glad I did! 
After playing a game to learn about weft and warp, I met my mentor at Shuttles & Needles, who showed me different types of looms like SAORI, Rigid Heddle loom, and Inkle loom. Over the next few weeks, I had a blast learning different weaving techniques on the Rigid Heddle loom, such as Bouquet, Medallion, Weft Clasping, and Spacing. A bouquet is a grouping of threads, Medallion creates shapes like circles and squares, Weft Clasping makes a double colour pattern and spacing make gaps in the fabric. 
Finally, I got to design my own project. I decided to make a scarf in purple, black, blue, light blue, and light purple using the techniques I learned. It was so much fun to see my creation come to life on the loom! 
Thank you, Quest and Shuttles and Needles, for this amazing learning experience. I can't wait to continue exploring the world of weaving!



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