8 shaft Scarf weaving with Cotton Lyocell yarns

What better to show off the brilliance of Cotton-Lyocell yarns than a bright coloured Scarf?! 

Kalyani Pramod came out with the vibrant colour palette and a nice 8-shaft twill pattern to make a 8” scarf.

Ashford Katie Folding Loom was fun to work with- Compact yet sturdy!

 8 shaft loom

Warped up the 12” loom using Shuttles & Needles Cotton-Lyocell 6 ply yarns - Honey Suckle, Radiant Orchid, Lilac Chiffon, & Grapeade.


 Ashford Katie loom


cotton lyocell yarn 

Then came the choice of weft colours: played around with different colours for weft including Navy Blue, Black, white, Honey suckle….. but at the end of the day, the Navy Blue won over!


 cotton lyocell yarn


Took off the loom, washed & finished. Washing brought out the softness of the Cotton-Lyocell yarns!

 cotton lyocell yarn


Shuttles & Needles conducts short term course on multi-shaft pattern weaving. Pl check the details here

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