3-Dimensional weaving on SAORI


Interestingly, a 3-dimensional fabric can be woven on a simple 2-shaft loom. Weaving with 2 shuttles from opposite ends, taking the shuttle out of the weaving shed and re-inserting into the shed – kind of a wavy motion of shuttles in and out of the shed. We can weave panels like this and once we take it out of the loom, the weft yarns which are not woven into the fabric will hold the panels together and form a nice 3-dimensional woven structure.

Embarking on a journey of weaving a  3-D fabric in SAORI loom, a thought flashed: would it be interesting to explore the faces of Lord Shiva using SAORI way of weaving. Following intuition and not constructing from a plan- the true SAORI way.

Many of us have come across Shiva being depicted as a five-faced God (panchamukha lingam), the fifth face being "Ishana" with space as the element. The weft yarns binding four panels or the faces can be taken as the all-pervading space?!



SAORI is a contemporary Japanese style of weaving emphasizing on mindfulness and being in the present. Shuttles & Needles conducts SAORI weaving workshops and carries SAORI looms and merchandise

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