3 colour pick-up Inkle weaving

The thought of a horse’s bridle crosses the mind when we work with the Inkle loom. A controlled uni-directional journey with fine manoeuvres wherever required. Since Inkle weaving is a warp-faced weaving where the weft doesn’t show up, all the explorations and manipulations are directed in one direction- forward! 
Moving forward after the few initial straps with colour play, we usually start exploring pick-up techniques, Baltic-style weaves, Monk belt structures and the like where we start picking up warp yarns as per the patterns. 
The 3-colour pick-up is slightly different from the regular pick-up techniques in that you don’t drop the warp yarn adjacent to the picked-up yarn in the 3-colour technique. Easy to thread the loom and weave to get some gorgeous patterns! We used mercerised cotton 5/2for this project.
Talking about horse’s bridle, has anyone seen a colourful bridle woven on an Inkle loom? Please share the pictures if you have come across one!

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