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Premium Quality Yarns for Weaving, Crochet & Knitting!

Colours are more than what you see. Colours are feelings! They can bring comfort, joy and express love!

Your hand crafted items should reflect the Value of your time engaged! Choosing Quality materials adds Value to your creation! 

We believe in nature! And our yarn collection reflects that! Just like us, natural fibres breathe, feel thirsty, adopt to climate change and have a heart of its own!

It's all about the making. We get Shuttles & Needles yarns spun, processed & dyed to our stringent specifications, & our colour palette. So, we 'feel' our yarns & love the journey it takes!   Big difference between 'making it for you' and 'supply you with what we can lay our hands on'! 

Spun by the best of spinning mills with finest quality fibres using techniques which enhance the smoothness and luxurious feel of the natural fibres! Caringly processed and dyed to bring out the best of depths, sheens & life!

We keep adding lovely new yarns! Keep checking!

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